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Hours of Operation (2018-19)

Operating Time: A.M.8:30-P.M.5:00 / Night skiing P.M.4:00-P.M.8:30

*Entry is limited to the main Chuo Entrance from April 1-7. During this period, the park cannot be entered from either the Kanko Entrance or Hatsukaishi Entrance. 

*The Kanko Entrance and Hatsukaishi Entrance are only open for nighttime operations on days before holidays and during the New Year period.


 Ticket Adult Children Senior
1Day Lift Ticket  ¥4,900 ¥3,400 ¥4,200
2Day Lift Ticket  ¥8,600 ¥5,900 ¥7,200
3Day Lift Ticket  ¥12,000 ¥7,700 ¥10,000
Half Day Lift Ticket ¥4,200 ¥2,800 ¥3,600
Sunset & Night Skiing ¥4,900 ¥3,400 ¥4,200
10  Single Ride Tickets ¥3,600
Night Skiing ¥2,200
Sunrise Express ¥1,500 ¥1,000 ¥1,500

BIG MOUNTAIN Yuzawa Snow Link

The BIG MOUNTAIN “Yuzawa Snow Link” includes “Yuzawa Kogen” “GALA Yuzawa” and “Ishiuchi Maruyama” offers one of the widest ski area in Japan with variety of slopes for guests and hassle-free access between the ski resorts with only ONE-SKI-PASS. You can travel back and forth between these three ski areas freely.