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Ishiuchi Maruyama has over 20 restaurants inside and outside the slopes, ranging from genuine western cuisine to local gourmet food. On fine days, the location offers incredibly picturesque scenery, making lunch under clear blue skies at some of the eateries a real treat. Japan-famous “koshihikari” rice and sake are merely a couple of the components that will give you a highly unique dining experience at Ishiuchi Maruyama.

“Kirizai Don rice bowl” made with the famous Uonuma’s Koshihikari rice.

Restaurant MAP

 Restaurant Spur

Restaurant Cologne

Japanese bar restaurant Kenchan

Restaurant Barena

Cafeteria Shimizu

Winter house Omaru

New Maruyama Rodge

Mont Blanc

Austria Snow House

Daiichi Hutte

Rest House Saizon

Rodge Maruyama

Rodge Parallel

La famille Nakakaku

Rodge Mistral

Restaurant K.L

Japanese bar restaurant Okachan

Hotel Elm Ishiuchi

Resort Center Cafe

Farmers Cafe

Inaka Zyaya Sansai

Japanese bar restaurant Kiyoi

Bard Land

Japanese bar restaurant Odaiko