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Ishiuchi Maruyama features 23 diverse courses spread over extensive terrain that make the most of the beautiful natural snow brought in by the seasonal winds from the Sea of Japan. The courses are perfect for everyone from beginners to experts alike.

Groomed trail

No matter how heavy it snows or cold it is, we provide the best condition of
groomed trails for guests with our experts’ techniques and experiences.

Powder snow

Ishiuchi Maruyama is well known as one of the heaviest snowfall areas in Japan,
it’s not unusual for here to snow about 100cm just only an overnight.
There is also a “Tree Run” area, so enjoy the fresh, light and fluffy snow as much as you want.

Ishiuchi Maruyama Snow Park

The main snow park stretches 500m long, is a very wide and well-facilitated course which is of highest quality in Japan. There is also a snow park designed for beginners.
At Ishiuchi Maruyama, we have Gungho Monster Pipe that meets world standards. Skiers and snowboarders of all levels, everyone can enjoy to their utmost here.

Monster Pipe

This half pipe, set inside Ishiuchi Maruyama, is 170m long and 6.7m high, meeting standards for international competition. In addition to general use, the site is open for a variety of large events. 


Adult 1,000JPY    U18 750JPY

 Openning Hour

Sun,Mon,Fri,Sat  10:00AM~2:00PM

Tue,Wed,Thu  4:30PM~8:30PM



Nighttime operations

Nighttime operations at Ishiuchi Murayama are some of the largest in Japan with 12 courses spread over 3,000m of terrain.
At night when the temperature drops, you can enjoy high-quality natural snow.

Ski school

The ski school also caters to English speakers.
The different lessons cover everyone from beginners to experts.
Hatsukaishi Ski & Snowboard School (English spoken)